About Us

Worldly Goods has been in business for more than 25 years as a wholesale company. Over these years we have enjoyed working with many nationally known stores and designers. 

Worldly Goods Too was established in 2016 to reach individual customers and decorators who want to create their own personal environment or find a unique gift. 

Our Product


And all about color! 

Our glass is produced by highly skilled artisans in a workshop in Central Mexico. It is entirely recycled from bottles- tequila bottles, coke bottles, and beer bottles. Each piece is mouth-blown. Some are blown into molds and others are hand-formed. Every piece is unique. 

 The Environment

Worldly Goods has always been an eco-friendly company. We sell a recycled product, pack in shredded cardboard and wrap as much as possible in recycled paper. This helps the planet, it helps our bottom line, and so it keeps our prices as low as possible.