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Custom Sphere Arranger

Create your own assortment using the spheres you love. 

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Worldly Goods Too is the retail side of Worldly Goods Inc- a wholesale company in business for over 25 years. All our products are our own original designs. The glass is handmade in our Mexican workshop by extremely talented artisans. It is all recycled-much of it is from tequila bottles!

Start with a Silver Set Of 9 on your wall.

Then, add some fall colors!

Then change out for Holiday!

How To Install Your Spheres On The Wall

HEY! what's going on here?

For the last thirty years, we have shredded and used over run newspaper from The Charlotte Observer to pack our spheres. However, in the past few years there has been less & less paper available. You know the story-the internet has put the printed newspaper out of business, and it is so sad.

But how are we to pack our Glass Spheres without any paper?

Hey. We have an idea! HAY!

Or straw, like they did before paper.


Please let us know what you think of our solution.

Customer Reviews

I contacted the seller for advice on hanging the spheres and received excellent advice through email and speaking with a live person on the phone (which is so rare these days). There is a YouTube video to help with the hanging process. My husband said it was easy after watching the video.

Debra Pirrello


I love it! Opened up a package today from you and it did indeed have hay inside of it for the protection of the glass globes we purchased. The globes were intact and perfectly protected. We have compostable recycling in our area and so into the bin went the hay. But what the hey, even if we didn't it could go out in the yard for compost. This is much better than the styrofoam peanuts that a lot of companies use. Thank you for being so innovative. I am sure some people will not like the odor but it's hay, no worries.




Well packed and promptly delivered, and with its pleasing proportions, satisfying heft, and powerful simplicity, this is one handsome bottle.

Peter Norris

Love the bowl and the packaging

Terri Devlin

This is a very unique wall decoration. The spheres are gorgeous in color and style, I needed something different in my living room and these exceeded my expectations. 

Author's name

Very sturdy and attractive Wall mounting made easy by the plastic hooks provided.

Debbie Hogan