We specialize in wall assortments and beautiful glass wall spheres. The glass is handmade in our Mexican workshop by extremely talented artisans. It is all recycled-much of it is from tequila bottles!

Hand blown glass, Home Decor.

Custom Sphere Arranger

Create your own assortment using the spheres you love. 

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HEY! what's going on here?

For the last thirty years, we have shredded and used over run newspaper from The Charlotte Observer to pack our spheres. However, in the past few years there has been less & less paper available. You know the story-the internet has put the printed newspaper out of business, and it is so sad.

But how are we to pack our Glass Spheres without any paper?

Hey. We have an idea! HAY!

Or straw, like they did before paper.

So we are now


Please let us know what you think of our solution.