March 2019

March 2019

March 6, 2019

With all of the strange weather our country has been experiencing, we need a lively pick-me-up. So we have created a vibrant new wall assortment that should inspire at least a smile, if not a fervent “oooh”!

Lemon Twist Wall Spheres - Set of 14

Lemon-Lime and Lovely! Yellow is in! It mixes extremely well with grey for a super-sophisticated look in the Living Room.

Our Lemon Twist Spheres can be a fabulous focal point on a main wall or try adding them to other artwork in an interesting grouping.

A coffee table is the perfect place for a bowl full of spheres and our Cone Bowl fills this bill very well. Use our Sphere Arranger to choose your balls.  

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Lemon Twist Wall Spheres - Set of 14
Cone Bowl - Lemon
Custom Sphere Arranger

Lemon livens up a stark white kitchen. 

Our fascinating Lemon Whitewashed Bowl sitting on a counter adds drama all alone. The bowl we are showing is filled with 3" Guacamole spheres, making a beautiful combination. Then the bowl can be used for salad or as a fruit bowl. How versatile is this! 

The Lime Beverage Set can be used in this beautiful setting for wine or juice or whatever pleases you. It also makes a terrific gift!

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Sphere - 3" Guacamole Whitewashed
Whitewashed Bowl - 13" Lemon
5 Piece Beverage Set - Lime

Yellow adds a real zing to the dining room! 

A group of vases dresses up a naked table. Fill with flowers for a special occasion or put an inch or so of rice in the bottom of each vase and sit a pillar candle on the rice.  How about flowers in one and candles in the others?

Our larger wall sphere assortments can cover a whole wall, but it only takes a few spheres to make a statement in a small area.

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Nuvo Cylinder Vase - Circus Lime
Arctic Cylinder Vase - Lime
Cancun Vase - Lemon
Sphere Set of 3 - Lemon Lime
Mega Bottle - Lime

A bit of yellow can be a bit of comfort in the bedroom.

Spheres set on the rings provided can be charming vases or simply pretty objects on a windowsill or night table.

Our Dramatic Bottles  look great either individually or in groups of 2 or 3. There many colors to choose from.

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Dramatic Bottle-Round
Dramatic Bottle-Tall
Dramatic Bottle-Wide
Custom Sphere Arranger




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